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Renting an electric generator is a perfect solution when electricity is not available at the right time or it is necessary to ensure its uninterrupted supply (at events, power plants, shipping, agriculture, manufacturing, banks, medical, educational institutions, datacentres, telecommunications objects, civilian sector, liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters, maintenance of computer equipment during repair work, etc.).

We can offer you rental of various KOHLER SDMO (France) diesel generators. KOHLER SDMO generators have outstanding durability and engine durability, and their operation is quite simple, which is especially relevant in projects requiring promptness and performance.

By expressing our responsibility to our customers, we constantly carry out inspections and diagnostics of the rented generators, which prevents potential problems.

Possible additional equipment:

  • Exterior fuel tank 2500 l
  • Junction boxes 400/230V; 16-128A
  • Cables 400/230V; 6mm2-240mm2
  • Trailer Euro B3500

Additional services are available: Filling, installation/ dismantling services, delivery to/ from the object, periodic diagnostics.

For renting a generator, please contact us by mob. +370 670 95783, or e- mail to

Diesel power generators for rent:


Diesel power generator

88 kW

Price for the day: 104 Eur (exc. VAT)



Diesel power generator

106 kW

Price for the day: 121 Eur (exc. VAT)



Diesel power generator

132 kW

Price for the day: 148 Eur (exc. VAT)



Diesel power generator

160 kW

Price for the day: 181 Eur (exc. VAT)



Diesel power generator

549 kW

Price for the day: negotiated