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  • Testing of cable isolation
  • Load-bank
  • Service of generators


Load-bank – the key to the reliability and durability of the backup generator!

There is no news that reserve power generators are not always in the emergency situation as expected. The most common cause of this situation is accumulation of unburnt fuel deposits in engine cylinder combustion chambers due to the following reasons:

  • engine running at low engine temperatures (the engine is periodically started but extinguished until the operating temperature is reached)
  • engine running, but no load

Regularly starting a reserve full-load electric generator solves not only the problem of fuel dispensing, but also reduces the risk of a generator’s unreliability to a minimum due to possible other mechanical malfunctions. In Thailand, when the full load of the reserve generator is not possible due to technological peculiarities of the user, we offer a mobile loading module service for periodical testing of diesel reserve power generators.

Our load module is ready to help you!

Engines, as a driving force, are used by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment. These can be agricultural, construction and military equipment, ship’s main and auxiliary engines and generators, as well as other specialized equipment.

The technical staff of our company service regularly issues qualifications at the courses organized and is certified to perform in-depth diagnostics and repair of equipment. With the help of specialized tools and modern diagnostics, the work is carried out rapidly, minimizing the downtime of the customer’s equipment. Spare parts in the warehouse are always considered planned repairs and part of the critical parts and components. At the customer’s request, 24/365 service is provided.